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David Zavimbi was born in Tinasha, a city inside the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. After their parents died from contracting AIDS, David and his brother Isaac were drafted as child soldiers into the Army of the Dawn. Here the two brothers were forced into combat among local warring factions. A s a means to their survival, David and Isaac excelled as soldiers and were nicknamed The Dragonflies. During one mission, the brothers refused orders from their leader, General Keita, to kill innocent women and children. As it looked like Keita would kill David for his insubordination, Isaac lashed out against the general but was stabbed to death in the ensuing struggle. David fled before he eventually returned to capture Keita, delivering him to an enemy base and renouncing his own life as a soldier and killer.

Soon after becoming a police officer in Tinasha, David was approached by Batman to become a member of the internationally funded Batman, Incorporated venture. Now codenamed Batwing, David goes on several missions with Batman Inc. This association with Batman also leads David to adventures with the Justice League International team, and in Gotham City with the rest of Batmanís allies, notably during the recent Night of the Owls incident.


Supporting Cast:
Lucius Fox
Tamara Fox
Tanya Fox
Matu Ba
Kia Okuru

The Kingdom

Group Affiliation:
Batman Incorporated
Justice League International

Blood Tiger
Josiah Kone
The Talon
Lord Battle
King Shadow
Father Lost
Ancil Marksbury
Philip Marksbury
Lord Lion-Mane
Lady Marabunta
Lady Vic

Villainous Groups:
The Jackals
The Finders