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Kevin Kho was a normal worker at Cadmus Industries, the corporate leader in genetic research and cutting-edge medical technologies, when a terrible fate befell him. A sentient satellite known as Brother Eye deemed Kevin the perfect genetic host for his plans and infected him with the virus that causes him to uncontrollably transform into the One-Machine Attack Construct known as O.M.A.C. and a pawn in Brother Eye’s mad schemes. Of course, this was all unknown to Kevin, who at the time was blacking out during his transformations into O.M.A.C. Forced to fight all manner of creatures and madmen, Kevin eventually became more aware of his situation. During a fierce battle, Maxwell Lord of Checkmate incapacitated Brother Eye, but not before Eye had the chance to place Kevin’s mind in control of O.M.A.C. Now Kevin is trapped in the form of O.M.A.C., unable to change back to human. A lone monster looking for his humanity, Kevin recently teamed with the Justice League International but has yet to find a solution to his problem.


Supporting Cast:
Jody Robbins
Tony Jay
Martin Welman
Lord Mokkari

Rocker Bonn the Amazing Man

Brother Eye
Maxwell Lord
Psi-Fi Man

Villainous Groups: