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The Daemonites are an ancient and powerful alien race, but years of war and the destruction of their homeworld have left them scattered across the universe. As they look to regain their former strength, the aliens have started to infiltrate Earth. Disguised as humans, these Daemonite spies work to undermine society. One such spy is Voodoo, a human-Daemonite hybrid and vicious killer who soon comes into conflict with the governmentís anti-alien division, the Black Razors. Voodoo learns the shocking truth that she is in fact a clone of the real Priscilla Kitaen, who is the original human-Daemonite of the two. Voodoo ultimately sides with the Daemonites, while Priscilla vows to fight her to the death.

Priscilla Kitean

Supporting Cast:
Agent Jessica Fallon

Black Jack
Black Razors

Mol Stone

Villainous Groups: