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Batman's Equipment

The array of devices in the utility belt have also become more complex over time. The simple coiled rope and batarang scaling equipment became a rocket powered (or compressed air powered) grapple gun, the cowl was updated with night-vision lenses and communication equipment (using one of the ears to house an antenna), and a device to attract the bats from the Batcave was installed in the heel of one of the boots. The suit has also carried on different occasions a re-breather device, flash and gas grenades, explosives and a detonator, lockpicks, a signalling device for the Batmobile, electronic surveillance equipment, a forensic kit for gathering crime scene evidence, a medical kit, and, in early incarnations, a pistol in a holster. On any occasion where Batman anticipates encountering Superman, he has also carried a Kryptonite ring given to him by the Man of Steel as a weapon of last resort.


Preminent among Batmanís personal weaponry is the Batarang, a weapon of various sizes and types hurled like a frisbee or throwing knife. Based upon boomerang aerodynamics, Batarangs are forged from hardened steel alloys with heat-tempered, impact-resistant ceramic coatings. Designed for both close-quarter and long-range throws, Batarangs may be blunted for hard impacts or sport cutting edges capable of sheering metal.
-Folding Batarang: Gd Blunt Throwing damage. Four may be folded and carried in a single belt pouch.
-Close-Quarters Impact Batarang: Ex Blunt Throwing damage, half standard throwing range.
-Hard Impact Edge Batarang: Ex Blunt Throwing damage.
-Cutting Edge Batarang: Rm Edged Throwing damage.
-Timed-Explosive Batarangs: Causes In Edge with 1 area after 2 rounds after it was thrown

Explosive Batarangs

Wall-Penetrating Grapnel:

Though normally not an offensive weapon, the Dark Knightís wall-penetrating grapnel is still an indispensable addition to his arsenal. A magazine of explosively-propelled darts attach to de-cel jumpline reels secured with breaking and clipping mechanisms inside the grapple gun sleeve. The grapnel allows Batman to scale up or rappel down tall buildings, or swing between Gotham skyscrapers on successive lines.
-Grapnel: In material, fires up to 7 areas, used for transportation, Up to 3 areas


Bat shaped handcuffs, resembling Special Forces handcuffs. Using a one-piece design they slide closed and have to be cut off, using a special tool given to the Gotham PD.
-Bat-Cuffs: Rm material, Ty entrapment

Multi-Functional Binoculars:

A high-resolution digital interface allows viewing with conventional, infrared, and ultraviolet imaging. Other features include light-amplification and "bloom supression" to reduce glare. Holographic lensing and digital-zoom combine for 60X further magnification in addition to still frame photographic capture.
-Multifunction Binoculars: Magnifies up to 60 times. Equipped with infrared and limited ultraviolet imaging (-2CS to darkness modifiers), as well as frame capture, stop-motion camera, and computer uplink.

Bat Capsules:

Various gas deterrents are arrayed in pouches throughout Batmanís Utility Belt. Flash/Bang charges, smoke bombs, tear and regurgitant gases are deployed by breaking hardened-gelatin spheroid capsules.
-Knockout Gas: Rm intensity, 1 area radius. Those in the affected area must make End. FEAT or pass out for 2 hrs. and lose their memory of the 5 min. preceding exposure.
-Regurgitive: Ex intensity, 1 area radius. Those in the affected area must make End. FEAT or become violently ill for 10 rounds.
-Smoke: Ex intensity, 1 area radius. All in the affected area at -2CS to performing actions.
-Tear Gas: Ex intensity, 1 area radius. Must make End. FEAT or be unable to perform any action until 1 round after leaving the affected area or 15 minutes (10 minutes if outdoors or in a windy area), whichever comes first.

Rebreather/Gas Mask:

When Batman comes across tear gas or has to have air, he uses his Rebreather.
-Rebreather/Gas Mask: 2.5 hours air supply

Magnesium Flare:

When Batman needs light for especially dark places, such as caves, he uses these Magnesium Flares to illuminate the way.
-Magnesium Flare: Rm Illumination

Laser Torch:

When Batman needs to cut through objects with precision, he uses his pen-sized laser torch.
-Laser Torch: Acts as In Edge


To track down criminals, Batman has employed several tracers to find them.
-Bat-Tracer: Less than an inch in diameter, 3-mile range.


When fisticuffs aren't enough and Batman needs to take down an opponent, he will utilize the Bat-Taser.
-Bat-Taser: Ex Electrical, fires up to 2 area


-RoBat: Ex material, Ex video feed that is sent directly in Batman's lenses. It is radio-controlled by a device on his Utility Belt (+3cs to Accuracy FEATs).

Plastic Explosives:

Used to blow the locks off doors, Batman uses a small amount of plastic explosives to gain entry.
-Plastic Explosives: Gd Edge, 6 ft. radius

Kryptonite Signet Ring:

When the Crime Syndicate of Earth-3 attacked, Batman revealed he had a plan to take down any of the members of the Justice League. For Superman, Batman crafted a ring with a piece of Kryptonite fashioned into it. He keep it in a lead pouch when he is not using it.
-Kryptonite Signet Ring: While wearing the Krpytonite Signet Rong, any Kryptonian within a 1-area radius succumbs to the effects of Kryptonite. Kryptonite causes a Kryptonian body's cells to deteriorate, similar to radiation poisoning in a human being. Exposure to Kryptonite causes a Kryptonian to lose all their powers at -1cs per round. They also loses 1 rank of Strength and Endurance (with its loss of Health) per round until death occurs at Sh-0 Endurance. Removal of the Kryptonite enables the Kryptonian's body to regain lost ranks at a rate of one per round.

Qwardian Power Ring:

When the Crime Syndicate of Earth-3 attacked, Batman revealed he had a plan to take down any of the members of the Justice League. For Green Lantern, Batman recovered a Qwardian Power Ring after the Sinestro Corps War.
-Qwardian Power Ring: After the Sinestro Corps War, Batman managed to get a Qwardian Power Ring. The ring only has a 7% charge and doesn't have any means to recharge the ring.

Stealth Suit:

Developed in mind to avoid detection from any opponents, Batman created a stealth suit that makes him invisible to even Superman. The suit is equipped to operate along the full electromagnetic spectrum. It senses what's being used to detect it and reacts accordingly.
Stealth Suit: The Stealth Suit provides Batman with the following abilities:
-Body Armor: In protection vs. Physical and Energy
-Invisibility: Un
-Scanners: Un ability to detect what is being used to detect Batman and adjusts the Stealth Suit's cloaking capabilities accordingly.
-Stealth: +3cs to Stealth, hides Batman's heartbeat and breathing from sound detection
-Infrared Vision: Un ability to see in darkness as well to detect himself when taking action.