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Captain Atom

United States of America Air Force Captain Nathaniel Adam volunteers for an experiment being run by the brilliant Dr. Megala. The operation is meant to study dimensional transfer and involves Captain Adamís piloting an experimental vessel between this dimension and another. Something goes terribly wrong, and it seems as if Adam was killed during the flight; however, he reappears a short time later at the base in his new form as Captain Atom. Now featuring a new appearance and powers, Captain Atom turns his attention towards understanding what he has become. The Captainís atoms are constantly being split and reformed by his body, and he fears this process is not only making him unstable, but is also affecting his mind and his humanity. Making matters worse is the fact that many of those around Captain Atom fear that he is extremely dangerous and radioactive, further driving him away from normal human contact. But Nathanielís discipline is strong and he vows not only to remain human, but also to use his powers to defend the world.

Captain Atom

Supporting Cast:
Dr. Megala
Ranita Carter


General Wade Eiling
Scott Alexander
Chrono Mota

Villainous Groups: