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The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men

Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch attended the same high school, but they had little else in common. Socially conscious Jason excelled in his studies, while Ronnie was mostly interested in staying popular before he moved on to play big-time college football. When their school was attacked by terrorists, Jason was forced to unleash an experimental particle in order to survive.

The particle turned both boys into super powered beings and linked them together while they tried to uncover the mysteries of the Firestorm Protocols. Even after surviving a treacherous journey together, the boys still canít stand each other. This is bad news considering that they are still in possession of their powers but need to be in contact with one another to activate them.

Can Jason and Ronnie learn to cooperate and control their powers? Or will they burn out before ever learning what they are capable of?


Supporting Cast:
Alvin Rusch
Tonya Lu

Other Nuclear Men:


Villainous Groups:
Dog Team