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Curtis "Curt" Metcalf

F) In40/Ty6
A) Rm30/Ty6
S) Mn75/Gd10
E) Un100/Gd10
R) In40
I) Rm30
P) Gd10

Health: 245/32 Karma: 80
Resources: Rm Pop: 0

Known Powers:

Hardware Armor: The Hardware Armor enables the wearer the abilities shown below:
-Alter-Ego: Stats are changed as above
-Body Armor: In protection vs. Physical and Energy
-Obie: Hardware's computer, nicknamed "Obie" is scattered about his person. The wafer-thin CPU is generally on his hip, and up to 6 separate hard drives are worn strapped or otherwise attached to his costume at various points. While Obie can output to practically any monitor, it traditionally displays its output to Hardware through a heads-up display in his helmet. His computer is able to perform the following:
--Flight Computer: Grants Hardware Ex maneuverability, and also a +2cs to any Agility FEAT that involves maneuvers or turns.
--Targeting Computer: Grants Hardware +2cs to Agility to fire the suit's weapons systems.
--Computer Link: Hardware is able to link with computer systems, guarded or otherwise at Mn intensity. He may use this ability to scour computer files, access security records, see through security cameras, see through survelliance satellites.
--Systems Monitoring: Displays within the helmet inform him of the status of weapons and power level.
-Voice Synthesizer: Curt Metcalf uses a synthesizer to alter his speaking voice to Hardware's cold, intimidating tone with In ability. The device can also be used to allow Hardware to project a number of different voices, male and female. Linked to Obie's language modules, it can translate english vocal input into a number of foreign languages with Am ability.
-Jet-Pack: Am airspeed
-Protected Senses: Rm protection vs. Sound and Light. Blindness only lasts 1 round max.
-Sensors: Am intensity at a 3 area range in the Ultraviolet, Infrared, Sonar, Radar, Spectral and more frequencies. Mn ability to communicate on all radio frequencies and In ability to translate all known earth languages and the better known alien languages.
Weapons Systems: The Hardware Armor has the following weapons:
-Neural Net: Am Electral Field that painfully disrupts the nervous system of anyone it touches, fired from a forearm-mounted cannon up to 5 areas. It paralyzes its victim completely for at least 4 minutes, although the average human will require an extra 20 to recover.
-Plasma Whip: In Blunt, They may grapple an opponent as with In Strength. Hardware's expandable whip is actually a telescoping metal chain, 10 inches long when collapsed, up to 15 feet long when fully extended. Hardware can channel Am Energy through to its target.
-Retractable Sword: Mounted on his gauntlets, Am material, In Edge

Talents: Robotics, Bionics, Business/Finance, Cybernetics, Electronics, Engineering, Weapon Design

Contacts: Static