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The Indigo Tribe

The Indigo Tribe is one of the seven Corps of the emotional spectrum The bearers of the Indigo light wield the power of compassion. The Indigo Tribe plays a pivital role within the Blackest Night. All members of the Indigo Tribe abandon everything they own and devote themselves to compassion. As such, their uniforms have a simple, hand-made appearance, their bodies are adorned with the Indigo Lantern symbol written in body paint, and they carry carved, lantern-like staffs with them. The Indigo Tribe is led by the mysterious alien, Indigo-1. Indigo-1 has stated that her Tribe exists to spread goodwill throughout the universe. However their true motives and intentions have yet to be revealed, and there may be a dark side to their actions; one of their most recent new recruits, William Hand, appears to been coerced into accepting his staff and ring.


Slog the Slayer

Former Members:
Black Hand
Thaal Sinestro