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I, Vampire

Andrew Bennett is one of the oldest vampires in existence. Sired by Cain, the very first vampire, Bennett is unique in his ability to resist the urge to feed on humans, subsisting entirely on other forms of blood. He’s dedicated his life to bringing other vampires over to his way of thinking, putting him in direct conflict with his lover of hundreds of years, Mary Queen of Blood, a vampire sired by Andrew who had risen up to become leader of a vampire-supremacist movement.

A massive battle in Gotham City pitting Andrew, Batman, The Justice League Dark team and others against Mary’s army resulted in Cain being freed from his imprisonment inside Andrew’s soul. The heroes were able to defeat Cain, but Andrew was forced to take over leadership of the remaining vampire horde… and that role ended in disaster when an all-out assault by the vampire-slaying Van Helsings forced him to “cure” every vampire on Earth, taking their evil into himself. Now that the world’s only good vampire has gone bad, is there anyone left who can possibly restrain him?

Andrew Bennett

Supporting Cast:
John Troughton

John Constantine
Justice League Dark

Mary, The Queen of Blood

Villainous Groups: