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Blue Beetle

Jaime Reyes was just an average teenager living a normal life in El Paso, Texas when he came into contact with a lost alien artifact. Upon making contact with Jaime, the artifact bonded to his nervous system and became inseparable from him. It was under these stressful circumstances that Jaime learned that the artifact was known as a scarab and was created by an alien race known as The Reach. The scarab is a form of battle suit created by The Reach to subjugate the wearer into fighting for The Reach’s hive mind. Fortunately for Jaime, his scarab was damaged when it crashed on Earth and he is able to control the artificial intelligence that powers the suit. On the downside, Jaime now finds himself bonded to a hostile enemy weapon created by a race considered to be a mortal enemy of the Green Lantern Corps. Worried that his new life might bring harm to his family, Jaime sets out on his own to find a place as a hero in this world.

Blue Beetle

Supporting Cast:
Alberto Reyes
Bianca Reyes
Brenda Del Vecchio
Milagro Reyes
Paco Testas
Abuelita Conchi


La Dama
Blood Beetle
Sky Witness

Villainous Groups:
The Reach
La Dama's Gang
The Brotherhood of Evil