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John Constantine

John Constantine

F) Gd10
A) Gd10
S) Gd10
E) Ex20
R) In40
I) In40
P) Am50

Health: 50 Karma: 130
Resources: Gd Pop: 5

Known Powers:
Tainted Blood: Constantine's blood is demoniacally tainted, initially by a blood transfusion from the demon Nergal. His blood has been shown to have healing properties. It has the following abilities:
-Regeneration: Am
-Immune to Vampirism: Un
Sorcery: Constantine is a magician but unlike most magicians, Constantine rarely uses magical spells, unless he really has to, especially in combat. Some examples of Constantine's magic include the following:
-Divination: Am ability to use a pendulum and map to find the location of a magical disturbance.
-Demon Summoning: Summoned the demon Nergal to destroy a monster for him, which it did (although John lost control, due to his inexperience) with Am ability.
-Black Magic Cursing: Placed a curse on his father that caused him to waste away with Rm ability.
-Spirit Ward Creation: Placed a magical sigil on a succubus that prevented the forces of Heaven and Hell from tracking her. As well as using sigils to hide himself from Satan with Mn ability.
-Golemancy: Am ability to raise a golem.
-Oculumancy: In ability to erase a man's traumatic memories.
-Necromancy: Am ability to raise a group of murder victims as zombies to attack their murderer.
-Illusion: In ability to make people think he's someone or something else. He is also able to scare susceptible opponents into catatonic insanity.
-Synchronicity Wave Traveling: Am ability to be in the right place at exactly the right time. This has led John to uncanny luck, like winning incredible amounts of money from Arcade machines and Casinos. avoiding harm and more times than not, to meet the right kind of ally to help prevent or stop an apocalyptic event from happening.
-Mind Control: Rm ability to often through the manipulation of opponents and allies.


Talents: Occult Lore, Detective/Espionage, Performer: (Musician), Thief, Negotiation, Sleight of Hand

Contacts: Justice League Dark