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Mister Terrific

Mister Terrific

Michael Holt

F) Rm30
A) In40
S) Ex20
E) Rm30
R) In40
I) Rm30
P) Rm30

Health: 120 Karma: 100
Resources: Gd Pop: 20

Known Powers:
Photographic Reflexes: Mr. Terrific can copy all moves and Fighting or Agility based talents from people he has observed for more than 2 rounds. He must make a Mn power FEAT to do so. In combat, he can automatically block 1 attack by a studied character on a power FEAT, he can block 2 attack if he succeeds an In powers FEAT. In addition, studied characters are at -2cs against him. If a character drastically changes his Fighting style into an erratic, chaotic style (fight at -3cs with no talent bonus) then Mr. Terrific cannot use this power and is at -2cs.
Kit-Bashing: Mr. Terrific is not infused with super powers, per se. He possesses 'MacGyver-style' resourcefulness allowing Mn kit-bashing skills.

Body Armor: Gd protection vs. Physical and Energy
Mask: Mr. Terrific's mask makes him invisible to all electronic devices with Mn ability
T-Spheres: Mister Terrific is aided by his "T-Spheres", floating robotic spheres made from Am material. His T-spheres have a multitude of functions that we've only scratched the surface of some of which include:
-Flight: Ex airspeed
-Holographic Projection: Ex
-Laser Emmision: In Energy
-"Dazzle" to confuse and blind a target for 1-100 rounds. Endurance FEAT vs. Rm intensity or be at -4cs
-Gas Cloud: Rm intensity Smoke or Knockout gas that fills 1 area.
-Radiowave Communications: Used for radio communications and video conferencing at Gd rank.
-Data Recording: T-Spheres are able to record data, video, sound and an other type of data and replay at Rm levels.
-Tracking: T-Spheres are able to follow a designated target with Ex ability.
-Artifical Intelligence: T-Spheres possesses Ty Reason and can function independently of Michael's commands, according to their pre-programmed artificial intelligence.

Dark Energy Bonding: After being exposed to the Dark Multiverse energy, the Terrifics members are became tethered to each other and couldn't be separated more than 1 mile because it will cause an explosion that endangered their lives.

Talents: Leadership, Repair/Tinkering, Streetwise, Business/Finance, Medicine, Detective/Espionage, Thief Engineering, Electronics, Computers, Acrobatics, Martial Arts A, B, D, Multi-Lingual: (Speaks dozens of languages)

Contacts: The Terrifics

Mr. Terrific's First Uniform