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Red Hood and the Outlaws

Although they would most likely deny it, the members of this team are not hardened loners who prefer to work on their own. In fact, they all have difficult personal histories that they rely on each other to overcome. Jason Todd, A.K.A. The Red Hood, was the second person to partner with Batman as Robin. That relationship ended when Jason was murdered by the Joker, and then resurrected by Talia al Ghul. Already prone to extreme violence before these events, Jason reemerged with an even less forgiving personality. Roy Harper, A.K.A. Arsenal, was a close associate of Green Arrow’s before the two had a falling out that cost them their relationship and Roy his place inside of Q-Core. This left Roy as an alcoholic mercenary with a death wish. As a child, Princess Koriand’r, A.K.A. Starfire, was sold into slavery by her own sister and denied her birthright on her home planet of Tamaran. Given these desperate origins, it is no surprise that these three find understanding in each other, not to mention the personal thrill they all get from diving head-first into treacherous situations. Given the right amount of money and the promise of action and you’ll find Red Hood and the Outlaws on the scene.

Red Hood

Supporting Cast:
Isabel Ardila
S'aru the Protector

The Crew of the Starfire

Suzie Su
Mister Freeze
Dr. Hugo Strange
Ra's al Ghul

Villainous Groups:
The Untitled
The Blight
The League of Assassins
Army of the Golden Hand