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Resurrection Man

Several years ago, a callous and calculating scientist named Mitchell Shelley created a nanotechnology serum to heal mortal wounds and greatly enhance a person’s natural abilities. When Shelley himself was wounded on a test site, he was forced to use the serum prematurely to reattach his severed arm. While Shelley’s arm healed, his body rejected the old arm, because he was growing a completely new arm. Shelley ordered the severed arm to be incinerated. But the nanotechnology survived with Shelley’s DNA imprint, and evolved into an entirely new Mitch Shelley with the ability to cheat death and gain a new superpower each time he was resurrected. But this new person was an amnesiac who experienced a mysterious pull or feeling that there was something he must do or someone he must help. Searching for answers to his existence and purpose, this new Mitch encountered hunters from The Lab who sought to poke and prod their precious lab experiment, as well as agents from both Heaven and Hell that staked a claim to his eternal soul many times over for each time Mitch died. Soon Mitch confronted the true Shelley—whose body completely deteriorated as a result of his serum—and found a way to trade Shelley’s soul to eternal damnation, freeing himself from the reach of The Lab, Heaven AND Hell. Currently, Mitch doesn’t know what the future holds for him; all he knows is that for better or worse, he’ll be alive to see it.

Resurrection Man

Supporting Cast:
Darryl Roth



Villainous Groups:
The Body Doubles
The Suicide Squad