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Ultra Boy

Ultra Boy

Jo Nah

F) In40
A) Am50
S) Gd10/Un100
E) Ex20/Mn75
R) Gd10
I) Ty6
P) Gd10

*Health: 120 (210 with Strength boost, 175 with Endurance boost) Karma: 26
Resources: Rm Pop: 10

Known Powers:
Several Powers: Ultra Boy is able to access several powers; however, he can only use one power at a time. He has the following powers:
-True Flight: Sh-Y
-Flash Vision: Un Energy, 60 areas
-Microscopic Vision: In
-Self-Sustenance: Doesn't need to eat, sleep or breathe, can survive in the vacuum of space
-Body Resistance: Mn
-Super-Breath: Am
-Hyper Speed/Running: Am
-Resistance to Toxins: Am
-Telescopic Vision: Ty, 250 miles
-Penetra-Vision: Am, can't see through energy fields, barriers, Lead or Inertron
-Hyper-Strength: Un, Health changes as shown above
-Hyper-Endurance: Am, Health changes as shown above

Legion Flight Ring: Ty material, these rings are worn by Legionnaires which allow them to fly and communicate with each other. The history of their invention has changed with differing version of the Legion. It now has the following abilities:
-Flight: Ex airspeed
-Super Ventriloquism: CL5000, 500 light year range, broadcasts an SOS signal
-Force Field: Am protection vs. Physical and Energy
-Self-Sustenance: Allows Ultra Boy to breathe as well as survive in the vacuum of space

Jo Nah's powers work in groups depending on where he places his Ultra-Energy
-Eyes: Heat Vision, Microscopic Vision, Telescopic Vision, and Penetration Vision
-Muscles: Gains Strength and Hyperspeed/Running
-Skin and Immune System: Gains Endurance, Body Resistance, and Resistance to Toxins
-Throat and Lungs: Self-Sustenance and Super Breath
-External Thrust: Flight
Health increases by the difference between the original Strength or Endurance rank and the raised ability score.

Talents: Engineering, Medicine, Performer: (Actor)

Contacts: Legion of Super-Heroes