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Animal Man

For some time Buddy Baker has unknowingly been a player in the battle between The Red, the force connecting all animal life, and The Green, plant life, against the dead forces of The Rot. As Animal Man, an avatar of The Red, Buddy Baker is able to take on traits of animals he can sense through The Red.

At first Buddy used these powers as a very public celebrity, animal rights activist and superhero, but eventually he tried to settle down and spend more time with his wife Ellen and his two children, Cliff and Maxine. But there is another destiny awaiting Buddy and his children, and they will forever be connected to the battle between life and death on Earth.

Will Buddy be able to protect his family? Or is their fate already sealed?

Animal Man

Supporting Cast:
Ellen Baker
Maxine Baker
Cliff Baker



Villainous Groups:
Hunters Three