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The Sinestro Corps

The Sinestro Corps wields the power of the Yellow Light of Fear out of the Emotional Spectrum. Members are chosen throughout the universe for their ability to instill great fear, leading to an army of nightmarish creatures wielding power rings. Serial killers, torturers, mass murderers, criminals. These are the beings who comprise the Sinestro Corps.

Sinestro shut down his corps after he found out how they were terrorizing his home world of Korugar. He and Hal Jordan shut down the central battery and put all members in stasis. As of now, only two sinestro corps members remain. The Weaponer and Arkillo who now wears a new yellow ring forged by The Weaponer to be free of Sinestro's influence.

It has since been revealed that the Guardians were responsible for Sinestro acquiring a Green Lantern ring in an attempt to undermine the Sinestro Corps as part of their future plans to destroy all seven Corps. During the battle with Volthoom, Sinestro once again becomes a member of the Sinestro Corps. After bonding with Parallax, he reactivates the yellow rings and releases all the Sinestro Corps members who were incarcerated on Oa.

Soranik Sinestro of Sector 1417

Arkillo of Sector 674
Maash of Sector 863
Nax of Sector 1438
Kiriazis of Sector 1771
Flayt of Sector 2751
Romat-Ru of Sector 2813
Karu-Sil of Sector 2815
Ranx the Sentient City of Sector 3272
Tekkik of Sector 3281
Low of Sector 3308
Moose of Sector 3333
Slushh of Sector 3376
Murr the Melting Man of Sector 3490
Despotellis of Sector 3497
Lyssa Drak of Sector 3500
Kryb of Sector 3599
Bekka of Sector ????
Bratha of Sector ????
Dez Trevius of Sector ????
Rigen Kale of Sector ????

Former Members:
Thaal Sinestro of Sector 1417
Professor Insidd