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Kara Zor-El was born on Krypton and grew up in the city of Argo in the years preceding the planetís destruction. Her fatherís brother is Jor-El, making her Supermanís first cousin. As Krypton neared destruction, Zor-El copied his brotherís experiment and launched Kara to safety in a rocket. Kara would land on Earth many years later when her cousin was already fully into his role as Superman. It is not known why Supergirlís rocket took so much longer to reach Earth, but it is theorized that she spent some time orbiting the yellow sun, accounting for the maturity of her powers once she awoke. Superman, whom she lashed out against for claiming to be a person she knew as her infant cousin, confronted her and was able to explain some of what was happening to her. Now trapped on a seemingly inferior world that fears her, Kara must learn to adapt and survive. Supergirl is a brash and headstrong teenager with powers that almost equal those of Superman, making her a force to be reckoned with. Her ideals certainly donít match up with her cousinís and she regards the clone Superboy as an abomination, making her adjustment to these new surroundings all the more difficult. In the end Supergirl is indeed a hero, although how she goes about it is clearly up to her.


Supporting Cast:
Dr. Shay Veritas
Siobhan Smythe


Simon Tycho
Miss Thorn
The Brain
Black Banshee
Lex Luthor

Villainous Groups:
The Terminauts