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The DCnU Sourcebook

Traveling back in time to stop Professor Zoom from killing his mother, The Flash inadvertently created the Flashpoint timeline. Now knowing the point of divergence, the Flash resumes his attempts to restore the timeline. Barry then meets his mother, and reveals his secrets and his inadvertent role in creating the Flashpoint universe by saving her life. Barry bids a tearful farewell to her and Nora Allen also accepts her fate, acknowledging that she will be reunited with her husband in the afterlife when Barry succeeds. Traveling back in time, Barry merges with his younger counterpart during the attempt to stop Thawne, inadvertently creating another timeline which slightly differs from either the Flashpoint or original universe.

Hero Index:



Wonder Woman


Green Lantern

The Flash

Green Arrow

The Savage Hawkman

Captain Atom

Mister Terrific


Blue Beetle

Static Shock

Animal Man

Swamp Thing



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The Justice League

Teen Titans


Birds of Prey

The Outlaws

Hawk and Dove

Suicide Squad


Easy Company

The Legion of Super-Heroes

The Ravagers

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The Multiverse

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